Former NamesMerry Savage
Rig typeSchooner
Rig descriptionBald-headed Cat Schooner
LOD19' 4"
LOA19' 10"
LWL18' 8"
Beam7' 2"
Draft: maximum3' 6"
Draft: minimum
Sail area
Gross tons
BuilderBlake Brothers Boatbuilders
Plankingstraight run sassafras
FramingWhite oak, locust stem, keel, sternpost
Fasteningscopper rivets/bronze
Power plant12' sassafras sweeps
Primary home port cityWickford
Primary home port stateRI
Primary home port countryUnited States
Primary home port season
Secondary home port city
Secondary home port state
Secondary home port country
Secondary home port season
Web site
OwnerAmaral, John D.
Former ownersFarbanish, Tom
Comments"Saudades" is Portuguese for "nostalgia", as in "a longing for an earlier, happier, golden age." Solid spruce masts, oiled. Sassafras boom and short gaffs, beige. Handmade locust blocks, foresail lizards, belaying pins & thole pins, oiled. Internal lead ballast. Traditional green hull, beige shear plank, oiled oak gunnels, tiller & comb, black walnut thwarts, grey decks, red bottom, tanbark sails, synthetic hemp cordage (tan). Traditional to Block Island fishermen. Lines taken off last Block Island Double Ender hulk lying ashore on Block Island, 1948 by Paule Loring & George Cunha. Lines published by Howard Chapelle in American Small Sailing Craft, 1951